Promo Mechanics

  1. The promo is open to all EastWest Hyundai Mastercard credit cardholders ("Cardholders") in good credit standing.*
  2. The promo will run from July 8 to August 31, 2019.
  3. Cardholders will enjoy an exclusive discount per unit when they use their qualified EastWest Hyundai Mastercard to pay for the down payment during the promo period.

    Accent All Php100,000
    Kona 2.0 GLS 6AT Php140,000
    Tucson 2.0 GL 6MT Php160,000
    2.0 GL 6AT Php170,000
    2.0 CRDi GL AT Php170,000
    2.0 CRDi GLS AT Php150,000
    Grand Starex 2.5 CRDi GLS Swivel Php240,000
    Santa Fe 2.2 CRDi GLS 8AT (High) Php200,000
    2.2 CRDi GLS 8AT (Mid) Php160,000
    H-100 All Php90,000

    Amount to be swiped to a qualified EastWest Hyundai Mastercard is the down payment net of discount.

  4. Promo is open to straight and reduced installment transactions for up to 24 months with the corresponding monthly add-on rates as follows:

    3 MOS. 0.3508333 1.75%
    6 MOS. 0.1816667 1.50%
    9 MOS. 0.1271111 1.60%
    12 MOS. 0.0983333 1.50%
    18 MOS. 0.0724556 1.69%
    24 MOS. 0.0585667 1.69%
  5. Discount offer will apply on new purchases only where down payment has not been settled yet. The discount shall be deducted from the down payment amount to be swiped on a qualified and valid EastWest credit card.
  6. This installment option is exclusive to Hyundai Dealers with EastWest Bank terminals. For straight charging, any terminals of other banks may be used.
  7. Only cardholders with approved auto loan from any bank may avail of this promo. Capacity of the EastWest credit card to pay the down payment in full will depend on the available credit limit. Amount in excess may be paid in cash.
  8. All Hyundai unit purchases are between the cardholder and the Hyundai store/dealer. EastWest is not the provider of goods and services offered and will not accept any responsibility or liability to the Cardholder or any third party arising from or in relation to eligible Cardholder’s purchase of car units from any Hyundai dealer.
  9. By accepting this promo, the Cardholder confirms that he/she has read, understood, and agreed to the mechanics of the promo including, but not limited to, these terms and conditions.
  10. Terms and conditions indicated in the Terms and Conditions Governing the Issuance and Use of EastWest Credit Card shall apply.
  11. All questions or disputes regarding the Cardholder's eligibility for the Promo shall be resolved by EastWest. In case of disputes related to the promo, the decision of EastWest and HARI shall be conclusive with approval of DTI.
* Accounts should not be delinquent, not under investigation due to suspected fraudulent activities, those whose EastWest credit cards are not reported lost or stolen, and those who have not otherwise, violated any of the Terms & Conditions Governing the Issuance and Use of EastWest Credit Cards.

Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 12633, Series of 2019.

For inquiries and feedback, you may call EastWest’s 24-Hour Customer Service at (632) 888-1700 or e-mail

EastWest is supervised by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas with telephone number (632) 708-7087.

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