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Frequently Asked Questions
> What is EastWest Online?

    EastWest Online is our new online banking platform. With its additional features and enhanced security, you can bank with confidence anytime, anywhere.

+ What are the additional features of the new online banking?

    EastWest Online is supported by a fully online enrollment and account maintenance portal, so you don’t have to contact a call center or visit a store to manage your accounts. The portal allows the resetting of passwords, change of contact and residence details, among other things. EastWest Online also comes with new transactions not available in our current NetAccess platform, like foreign and local currency interbank and international fund transfers. In addition, new account management options have been added. Account transaction histories can now be downloaded in a variety of formats with a click of a button and stop payment orders for non-negotiated checks can now be placed. In the near future, checkbooks can be ordered or reordered online and the setup of recurring or one time future dated transactions. Finally, security is also greatly improved. One of the more noticeable things is the addition of security questions to provide an additional layer of authentication for certain transactions.

+ What are the new functionalities of EastWest Online?

   The following are the available functionalities for phase 1:

  • Straight through enrollment using debit, credit or prepaid card
  • Enhanced security features
  • Deposit and loan account details (balance, transaction history for the last 3 months)
  • Beneficiary enrollment for local & out of the country fund transfers
  • Update of landline number and security questions
  • Stop payment order for issued, reported lost or stolen checks
  • View credit card account summary
  • Download credit card e-SOA

+ Can I update my contact information in the new online banking?

    If you are a deposit accountholder, yes, you can update your mobile and/or landline and email address real-time in EastWest Online. For security reasons, it is strongly recommended that you change your contact information only in EastWest Online using the Self-Service Facility or the Change your Details and Preferences link when you are logged-in. If you are a credit cardholder, please call the 24-Hour Customer Service Hotline at 888-1700 or email

+ What do I need to enroll in EastWest Online?

   You must have an EastWest Debit Card, Prepaid Card or Credit Card. Your email address and mobile phone number must also be current in your store-of-account. If they need updating, please go to your store of account (if deposit accountholder) or call 888-1700 or email (if credit cardholder). Note: NetAccess users who have completed the procedure of nominating their security questions on or before January 21, 2016 will be automatically migrated to the new EastWest Online and can skip this enrollment process.

+ How do I enroll other accounts not linked to the debit card or credit card I used during EastWest Online enrollment?

   There is no need to enroll your other accounts (deposit, credit card and loan) that are linked to your customer information file (CIF). When you enroll one account in EastWest Online, all other accounts belonging to the same CIF will be accessible in EastWest Online.

+ How come my other accounts are not displayed in EastWest Online?

   For deposit accounts, the reason may be because the account is linked to a different CIF. For credit cards, it may be because of the following:

  • Your profile in deposit account and credit card system does not match
  • The status of your card is either not yet activated, blocked, etc.
  • You may use the self-service facility of EastWest Online to manually link your credit card.

+ Will my other accounts under a different CIF linked to the same debit card I used during EastWest Online enrollment be displayed?

   No, only those accounts under your own CIF will be displayed. If these accounts are owned by you but are still not showing, you may proceed to your store of account to have these accounts merged under your primary CIF.

+ How can I enroll my other accounts under a different CIF linked to the same debit card I used during EastWest Online enrollment?

   If you are the owner of these accounts, you may proceed to your store of account to request these accounts to be merged under your CIF.

+ In the new and enhanced online banking, do I still have to enroll my newly-opened accounts?

   You don’t have to enroll your newly-opened accounts as these will be automatically displayed in your online banking “Account Summary” page when you log-in.

+ Can I still transfer funds in the upgraded online banking?

   Yes, you can transfer funds within your accounts, to your friends’ and relatives’ EastWest Bank deposit accounts and to deposit accounts in other local banks.
Plus, with the new EastWest Online, you can do overseas fund transfer using your foreign currency accounts.

+ How can I enable my locked User ID?

   To unlock your User ID, you can use “forgot password” or “update credentials” then click on the “reset password” link. Upon successful change of your password, your User ID will automatically be unlocked by the system.

+ I am a sole-proprietor client of the bank, why can’t I access my account in EastWest Online even if I already nominated my Security Questions?

   Your NetAccess personal log-in will no longer be available starting January 24, 2016. This is to give way to the launch of EastWest Online.
To reactivate your access, you have to enroll in Online Banking-Corporate. Please visit your store of account from January 25, 2016. You will be requested to personally fill-out and sign enrollment forms. This modification to your online access is part of our efforts in complying with regulations on retail internet banking transactions as well as providing enhanced features to further cater your needs.

+ I made a transaction using my joint account, why am I not getting any notification?

   For security reason, EastWest Online has limited the sending of notifications and alerts only to the primary owner of the joint account.

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