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Insta-Cash Promo

CASH CASH CASH for all your needs! Longing to renovate your house? Take that dream vacation with your loved ones? Or explore a business idea? We give you cash for any need you might have and pay in easy installment terms as low as 1% a month.

Hurry, offer is good until September 15, 2007 only.
Fill-out application form and fax to 325-2377.

Promo Rates:

Payment Term Regular Installment Rate Regular Installment Factor Rate Promo Rate Promo Factor Rate Effective Annual Rate
6 months 1.2% 0.178667 1.0% 0.176667 20.29%
12 months 1.3% 0.096333 1.0% 0.093333 21.46%
18 months 1.4% 0.069556 1.2% 0.067556 25.74%
24 months 1.5% 0.056667 1.2% 0.053667 25.59%

Sample Computations
Amount applied for Php 10,000.00
Multiply by: factor rate (i.e. 12 months)         0.093333
Insta-Cash Monthly Amortization Php 933.33/month

Promo Mechanics:
  1. The Insta-Cash promo period is from June 15, 2007 to September 15, 2007.

  2. The Insta-Cash promo is open to all active and current East West Bank MasterCard cardholders.

  3. To avail, the cardholder must completely fill-out the application form indicating the amount applied for and the chosen payment term and fax it to 325-2377.

  4. The minimum amount required per transaction is P3,000 and the total amount of the transaction must be within the available credit limit of the cardholder at time of posting.

  5. The transaction is subject to credit approval. If the available credit limit at time of availment is below the amount requested for, East West Bank has the sole discretion to process the transaction to the extent of the available credit limit without prior notice to the cardholder.

  6. Payment release can be check delivery to the cardholder or check deposit to the cardholder’s bank account as indicated on the application form. The check shall be made payable to the cardholder's name only.

  7. Delivery of checks is limited to the cardholer’s office address or home address as indicated in the application form. The cardholder must personally receive the check upon presentation of any valid ID (SSS, GSIS, driver’s license, PRC, passsport, company ID with picture).

  8. For check deposit requests, bank account must be in the account name of the cardholder and must have a branch in the Makati Central Business District and/or Ortigas Center. Bank indicated must accept check deposits.

  9. Any transaction fee incurred for the check deposit shall be deducted from the Insta-Cash proceeds deposited to the account. Check deposit is subject to the standard 3-day bank clearing.

  10. Please allow up to 6 working days for check delivery requests and for check deposit requests from the time the application form is received by East West Bank (assuming that the first check delivery attempt or check deposit attempt is successful).

  11. East West Bank will send cardholders a text message to inform them if their transaction has been declined or approved and when the Insta-Cash proceeds has been deposited to their account, if the cardholder chose this option.

  12. A pre-termination fee of 5% of the net remaining balance to be paid shall be imposed in case of pre-termination. The net remaining balance shall be computed less the remaining interest.

  13. If only a portion of the monthly amortization is paid, the corresponding late payment and finance charges under the installment transaction will apply.

  14. East West Bank shall have the absolute exclusive right to approve or reject transactions based on its internal policies or for reasons it deems justifiable. In case of rejection, East West Bank has no obligation whatsoever to notify the cardholder of the rejection and the reason thereof.

  15. The terms and conditions governing the issuance of the use of the card and the installment facility are incorporated herein by reference and made integral part hereof.

   Insta-Cash Application Form
        : [ Size: 176kb - Format: pdf ]

Per DTI NCR Permit No. 2686, Series of 2007
Got questions? Call 888-1700

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