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2008 2nd Quarter Performance Update

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Infinity Dollar Trust Maximizer Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF)

Product Description
A dollar-denominated fixed income unit investment trust funds that aims to provide investors a retail investment alternative that has a potential to earn yields higher than the traditional bank deposit. It is deal for investors who are looking for an affordable dollar investment with potentially higher returns at moderate price volatilities. Minimum placement amount is US$ 2,000.00 for a minimum holding period of thirty (30) calendar days. Fee rate is 1.5% per annum based on the total market value of the fund. Portfolio duration is three years.

NAVPU as of June 30, 2008: $ 112.5028

Historical ROI

*Absolute yield refers to the net ROI for the specified period given and is not annualized.*

Portfolio Mix
Special Savings Account 0.06%
Dollar Time Deposit 38.01%
ROPS 61.93%


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