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2008 1st Quarter Performance Update

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Infinity Dollar Prime Fund

Product Description
The Dollar Prime Fund is a US Dollar denominated fixed income UITF offer exclusively to Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) referred overseas Filipino and foreign nationals applying for Specials Resident Retiree's Visas in the country. Because clients' placement are pooled into one single Fund, the Fund can provide better returns to its participants considering the Fund can negotiate for higher rates for its dollar investments. The Fund is also considered risk-free because it is invested strictly in dollar time deposits and special savings accounts. As it does not invest in bond securities, it is not subject to mark-to-market risk.

NAVPU as of March 28, 2008: $ 104.2553

Historical Performance:

* absolute yield refers to the net ROI for the specified period given and is not annualized.*

Portfolio Mix
Peso Savings Deposit 28.40%
Participation in SDA 71.60%


Notice to the Participants of EastWest Bank UITFs:

Notice to Participants of EastWest PSEi Tracker Fund: Starting March 1, 2019, EastWest PSEi Tracker Fund will be charged with Index Licensing Fee.

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