Long-Term Negotiable Certificate of Time Deposit

Maximize your interest earnings! Invest in EW CDs Due 2022, a Long-Term Negotiable Certificate of Time Deposit (LTNCD). Offer period is until June 21 only.

 EW CDs Due 2022 – Tranche 4

  Minimum placement : P50,000 (in increments of P10,000)
  Interest rate : 4% p.a.
  Maturity Date : September 21, 2022

An LTNCD is a peso-denominated, negotiable certificate of time deposit which carries relatively higher interest rates than regular time deposits and other deposit products. Like deposits, it is also covered by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC). All principal and interest payments on LTNCDs held by individual investors are free and clear of any withholding tax, provided certain conditions are met. Although it cannot be pre-terminated, LTNCDs can be sold to other willing buyers in the secondary market though PDEx, subject to graduated tax rates.

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For more information, please read the EW CDs Due 2022 Preliminary Prospectus.