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EastWest is committed to providing a safe banking environment to all its customers. As the security of your credit card is very important to us, we would also like to provide you with the necessary information to protect yourself against credit card fraud and scams. The following security tips can help you minimize the possibility of fraud and avoid financial losses on your card:


Never disclose your personal information, credit card number or other banking information to unidentified solicitors.


Do not believe claims that you need to pay, transfer funds, or surrender your credit card in order to collect a prize or obtain a line of credit.


Be aware of scams. It may be in a form of a physical letter, fax, e-mail, telephone call or by other means. Take time to independently check if a request or offer is genuine. If it sounds “too good to be true”, there is a large possibility that it is a scam.


Always try to keep your credit card in sight during processing of your transaction.


When using the card for online shopping, choose websites that have a secure way of online payment (encryption facility). To know if the site is secured, look for the padlock icon at the bottom of the screen while you are filling up the payment details. Check also if the company has a privacy statement that indicates how it will handle your personal information.


Memorize your PIN (Personal Identification Number). Do not keep it with your card. Do not disclose your PIN to anyone.


Report lost/stolen cards immediately.


Sign new credit cards immediately upon receipt. Destroy old cards once they have expired by cutting diagonally across the card through the magstripe and embossed card number.


Always check your statements and report any unauthorized transactions immediately.


Shred or mutilate documents containing your card details before discarding them.

As part of our security policy, EastWest will never require you to surrender your valid credit card to any individual. In case we need to replace your existing card for whatever reason, we will request you to destroy your old card upon receipt of your replacement card.

For your protection, EastWest Credit Card’s Fraud Department is monitoring your transactions 24/7. If our Fraud Analyst identifies any unusual purchasing activity on your credit card, please expect a call from us to verify the transaction. If you cannot be contacted, the Fraud Analyst may decide to block the account until we get confirmation from you.

If you ever become concerned about the safety and security of your credit card account, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our 24-Hour Customer Service Hotline 888-1700 can assist you if you have further questions or inquiries. You can also email us at or text EWBCS to 2327 for Globe subscribers or to 0917-8902327 for other networks.

Your security is important to us.


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