Apply for an EastWest Deposit Account in 2 easy steps:

  1. Download and accomplish the Customer Information Sheet found in the link below:
  2. Visit your preferred Eastwest Store to submit the accomplish customer information sheet with the following supporting documents:

    > at least one (1) un-expired, photo bearing with signature identification document(ID)
         click here for the list of valid IDs
    > Proof of billing (under your name & home address)
    > Proof of income (ITR, Payslip, Certificate of Employment)
    > Photo ID(1X1 or 2X2)
    > Presentation of additional documents for

    • Original and clear copy of NSO Birth Certificate
    • for Guardian or Administrator, or original and clear copy of the Court Order appointing them

    Tax-Exempt individual
    • Notarized Tax Exemption Affidavit executed by the applicant/depositor
    • Certification of Tax Exemption issued by Revenue District Office (RDO)

    Non-Resident individual and OFW:
    • Passport
    • Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR), Immigrant Certificate of Registration (ICR) for non-citizen of the Philippines
    • Contract of Employment for Philippine citizens

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