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Premium Perks

Premium Perks for EastWest Elite
Credit Cards

Experience exclusive accommodation, dining, and pampering privileges that match your taste and lifestyle.

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birthday treats

Cardholder dines for free with EastWest Credit Cards

Indulge in exclusive treats on your birthday or birth month.

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Foreign Currency Conversion Fee

Go on a worry-free International shopping spree

Summer vacations just got more exciting as you can enjoy the lowest Foreign Currency Conversion Fee of 1.70% when you travel abroad and use your EastWest Elite Credit Card.

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Drum Tao

Watch the exhilarating "Drum Tao - Samurai Drum Rock" show

Witness the world-renowned Japan drum-playing extraordinaire, Drum Tao, as they showcase super human efforts in an eclectic mix of dance and martial arts with up to 20% savings on select show tickets.

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MGM Promo

Get cash credits for every approved EastWest Mastercard.

Refer your family and friends for an EastWest Mastercard Credit Card and earn as much as Php2,500 Cash Credit for every successful referral.

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Online Perks

Discounted online shopping with EastWest Credit Cards

Make the most out of online shopping and take advantage of the exclusive discounts from our online partner merchants.

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Omnibus Perks

Special discounts and privileges with EastWest Credit Cards

Enjoy discounts and exclusive offers on dining, accommodation, wellness, and shopping.

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Pampering, wellness and special privileges with your EastWest Dolce Vita Titanium Mastercard

Live the sweet life and get exclusive shopping and pampering perks.

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Merchant with installement perks

0% Interest on installment plus perks with EastWest
Credit Cards

Grab exclusive freebies when you shop at EastWest-affiliated merchant partners on installment.

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Interest-free shopping with EastWest
Credit Cards

Go on a shopping-spree and enjoy 0% installment.

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Master Card Promolist

Enjoy exclusive offers with your EastWest Mastercard Credit Card

Indulge in local and global experiences exclusive to Mastercard cardholders.

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Experience exclusive offers with EastWest Visa Credit Card

Use your Visa card and be rewarded with exclusive offers, discounts, and deals.

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Flexible payment terms with
EastWest Credit Cards' Convert-to-Installment Facility

Simply convert all your big-ticket, straight charge purchases to installment and enjoy low add-on rates.

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Know the details on the conversion of Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card
to EastWest Credit Card.

Submission of Basic
Customer Credit Data to CIC

Pursuant to RA 9510 or the Credit Information System Act, EastWest Bank is mandated to submit basic customer credit data and its succeeding updates to the Credit Information Corporation (CIC).

The information will be used by financial institutions and credit reporting agencies authorized by the CIC in evaluating the creditworthiness of prospective and existing customers.

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