FAQs on EastWest Travel Money Re-carding

In line with the switch to EMV technology, our multi-currency prepaid card, EastWest Travel Money, is now EMV and payWave-capable. We encourage you to visit your store of account to request for replacement cards equipped with EMV and payWave to secure your purchases and protect your account against fraudulent transactions.


  1. Why do I have to get a new EastWest Travel Money Card?
    With the rising incidence of card fraud, you are at greater risk of being victimized by skimmers and fraudsters if you continue to use your old magnetic stripe Travel Money card. With the new EastWest Travel Money Card with EMV chip plus payWave technology, you enjoy greater fraud protection, peace of mind, and convenience when using your travel money card abroad.

  2. What is EMV?
    EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, and it is the global standard in card payment security. With EMV chip-on-card technology that adds additional layers of security, each transaction is encrypted making it safer to use. Click https://www.eastwestbanker.com/info/sec_EMV.asp for more information on EMV.

  3. What is payWave?
    Visa payWave is a contactless payment feature for quick tap-and-go transactions where available. With payWave, you simply tap or wave your EastWest Travel Money Card in front of a secure reader at the sales counter, and you're on your way. It's also a more secure way of paying because the card doesn't leave your hand at checkout. Click https://www.eastwestbanker.com/info/ewcc_visapaywave.asp for more information on payWave.

  4. Will both the primary and companion EastWest Travel Money Cards be replaced even though they are not yet expired?
    Yes, both your existing EastWest Travel Money Cards will be replaced with new cards with EMV and payWave.

  5. Is there a card replacement fee?
    Yes, but you only have to pay P300 to have your cards replaced with EMV & payWave.

  6. When can I get my new EastWest Travel Money Cards?
    You can get your new EastWest Travel Money Card pack with the primary and companion cards inside after five (5) banking days of submitting the request for replacement.

  7. Can I request for my replacement EastWest Travel Money Cards at any store?
    No, you must go to the store that issued your current EastWest Travel Money Cards. If you can't remember the particular store, you can request any EastWest store to check it for you.

  8. Can my authorized representative claim the cards for me?
    Yes, your authorized representative must present an authorization letter signed by you and his/her valid IDs with photo and signature.

    You can obtain from the store or click here to download the authorization letter for you to fill-up and sign.

  9. Can the replacement cards just be sent to my address that you have on record?
    No, you must pick up your card pack or send your authorized representative to do so on your behalf.

  10. Do I have to surrender my current EastWest Travel Money cards?
    No, your current cards will be deactivated upon receipt of your request for replacement cards. Thus, you will only have access to your EastWest Travel Money load balance when you claim your replacement cards.

  11. How do I claim my replacement EastWest Travel Money cards?
    Personal pick-up:

    • - Present a valid ID to the store personnel
    • - Sign the EMV Prepaid Card Acknowledgement Form
    Via authorized representative:
    • - Your authorized representative must present an authorization letter signed by you and his/her original valid ID with photo and signature
    • - Your authorized representative will sign the EMV Prepaid Card Acknowledgement Form on your behalf

  12. What will happen if I don't request for and claim the replacement cards?
    If you don't request for replacement cards until June 5, 2018, your non-EMV or magnetic stripe only Travel Money card will be deactivated by this date at 11:59 PM. If you requested for replacement cards, but do not claim the cards after 30 days, they will be destroyed for your own protection and you must submit a new request and pay the card replacement fee.

  13. Does the new card have the same features and benefits as my existing EastWest Travel Money Card?
    Yes, it provides all the same features and benefits you currently receive, with greater fraud protection and the convenience of contactless technology, plus the option to load the card with funds from you EastWest foreign currency deposit accounts.

  14. Will I have a new card number and PIN?
    Yes, your new cards will bear new card numbers. You will also be given new PIN mailers with the default PINs.

  15. Once claimed, can I already use my new EastWest Travel Money Cards?
    Yes, the primary and companion cards are ready for use but please do the following first:

    • Sign on the signature panel at the back of each card
    • Log on to https://travelmoney.eastwestbanker.com and change the default PIN

  16. Can I still use the old EastWest Travel Money cards?
    No, they will be automatically deactivated when you request for replacement cards. To avoid confusion, we recommend you destroy your non-EMV & payWave EastWest Travel Money cards by cutting or punching holes on them.


  1. Where can I use my new EastWest Travel Money Cards?
    You can use your cards at any Visa-accepting ATM and merchant outside the Philippines, as well as offshore online stores worldwide.

  2. Will my EastWest Travel Money Cards be accepted at shops and ATMs that are not yet EMV capable?
    Yes, as your new card still has a magnetic stripe.

  3. I heard about EMV and liability shift. What does it mean?
    The liability shift will not concern an EMV-enabled cardholder. Liability shift means that merchants that have not switched to EMV will be liable for identified fraudulent transactions and chargebacks, such as counterfeit, lost & stolen or card-not-received fraud, which could have been prevented by a chip card and chip-enabled device. For example, if someone pays with a fraudulent EMV card at a merchant that is not set up with an EMV card reader, the merchant will be liable instead of the issuer bank.

    If, however, a counterfeit EMV card is used at EMV-capable establishments, the liability remains with the issuer bank. The great news is, when both the issuer bank and merchant are EMV capable, overall in-store counterfeit fraud is virtually eliminated.

  4. Will my signature be required to complete transactions?
    For non-EMV terminals, yes. For updated EMV terminals, no. Instead, you will be required to key-in your PIN, which is more secure, as signatures can be forged. Although some EMV terminals might still require a signature.

    For payWave terminals, no signature or PIN is required for transactions below US$25. Purchases exceeding this amount will also be processed contactless, but you may be required to sign or key-in your PIN.

  5. Can I use my new EastWest Travel Money Card to shop online?
    Yes, your card will be honored at any Visa-accepting offshore online store. Your new EastWest Travel Money Card, however, has a new CVV number at the back and you need to re-register the new CVV number at online merchants that you frequently use for your online purchases to proceed.

  6. What if the shop has no payWave terminal, can I use my EastWest Travel Money Card there?
    Yes. The cashier will simply swipe or dip your card to complete the transaction, then you must sign the transaction receipt or key-in your PIN.

  7. How do I pay with my EastWest Travel Money Card at establishments that accept payWave?
    Once the cashier enters the purchase amount into the terminal, hold your card within 4 cm. of the secure contactless reader. Your transaction is confirmed when the green indicator lights up and you see a display message confirming that your transaction has been successful. You can choose to have a receipt, but this is optional.

  8. How much can I pay via payWave?
    payWave was designed for quicker transactions for small purchases-less than US$25. The limits for payWave purchases vary from country to country. Purchases exceeding this amount will also be processed contactless, but you may be required to sign or key-in your PIN.

  9. Can I unknowingly make a purchase if I walk past the reader?
    No. Visa payWave was designed to ensure that cardholders are always in control. The cashier must have first entered the purchase amount for approval and your card must be held very close to the reader for the transaction to take place.

  10. What are the limits for withdrawals and purchases?

    ATM Cash Withdrawal Limits

    Single Withdrawal Transaction USD EUR HKD GBP AUD JPY
    Minimum Amount 5 5 50 5 5 500
    Maximum Amount 2,000 2,000 20,000 2,000 2,000 200,000

    Daily Withdrawal Transaction USD EUR HKD GBP AUD JPY
    Minimum Amount 5 5 50 5 5 500
    Maximum Amount 6,000 5,000 50,000 4,000 6,000 500,000
    Please note that banks abroad may set up a lower limit per transaction.

    Point-of-Sale Transaction Limit
    Minimum POS Transaction Amount 1 1 10 1 1 100
    Maximum POS Transaction Amount Available Balance per Currency


  1. What should I do if my card gets lost or stolen?
    Immediately report the loss/theft of or issues with your EastWest Travel Money Card, including transactions you have not authorized, to our Customer Service: (02) 888-1700 or US Toll-Free 1-866-828-6296.


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