Debit - Debit Card Re-carding FAQs

In line with the switch to EMV technology, EastWest Debit Card is now EMV and payWave-capable. Non-EMV debit cardholders will be informed when to visit their store of account to claim their free replacement cards.


  1. Why are you replacing my EastWest Debit Card?
    We are providing you with an EMV Debit Card in line with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas' mandate to switch to the more secure chip technology. The new EastWest Debit Card also comes with Visa payWave for faster and more convenient transactions.

  2. What is EMV?
    EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, and it is the global standard in card payment security. With EMV chip-on-card technology that adds additional layers of security, each transaction is encrypted making it safer to use. Click here for more information.

  3. What is payWave?
    Visa payWave is a contactless payment feature for quick tap-and-go transactions where available. With payWave, you simply tap or wave your EastWest Debit Card in front of a secure reader at the sales counter, and you're on your way. It's also a more secure way of paying because the card doesn't leave your hand at checkout. Click here for more information.

  4. Will all my non-EMV EastWest Debit Cards be replaced even though they are not yet expired? What about the card of my co-accountholder?
    Yes, all your magnetic stripe only EastWest Debit Card/s and your co-accountholder's card/s will be replaced with new cards with EMV and payWave.

  5. Is there a card replacement fee?
    None, it's free.

  6. When can I get my new Debit Card?
    Please claim your new debit card with EMV & payWave from your store of account from February 27 to May 31, 2017. For your convenience, we will notify you via email and/or SMS once your replacement card is available for pick-up from your store of account.

  7. Can my authorized representative claim the card for me?
    Yes, provided your authorized representative presents an authorization letter signed by you and his/her original valid ID. The authorization letter is attached to our email notice. You can also download it here.

  8. Can the replacement card just be sent to my address that you have on record?
    No, as your replacement card is already active, it is for your own protection that we request you to personally pick-up your card or to send your authorized representative to pick-up your card for you.

  9. How do I claim my replacement debit card?
    Personal pick-up: After you receive our notification, please go to your store of account during banking hours and present an original valid ID. You will be asked to update your customer information to ensure that your information with us is current, and to sign the EMV Debit Card Acknowledgement Form.

    Via authorized representative: After you receive our notification, fill-up and sign the authorization letter and give it to your authorized representative, who must present it to your store of account together with his/her original valid ID. He/she will be asked to sign the EMV Debit Card Acknowledgement Form on your behalf.

  10. Until when can I claim my replacement debit card?
    You have until May 31, 2017 to claim your card from your store of account.

  11. What will happen if I don't claim the replacement card?
    Cards that remain unclaimed after the May 31, 2017 deadline will be destroyed for your own protection. If you request for a new card, the replacement fee is P150.

    We strongly encourage you to claim your replacement debit card as soon as it is available to enjoy the benefits of having an EMV and payWave-enabled card.

  12. Does the new card have the same features and benefits as my existing EastWest Debit Card?
    Yes, it provides all the same features and benefits you currently receive, with greater fraud protection and the convenience of contactless technology.

  13. Will I have a new card number and PIN?
    No. Your card number and PIN will remain the same. Thus, you will not be provided with a PIN mailer when you claim your new debit card pack.

  14. Once claimed, can I already use my new debit card?
    Yes, your card is ready for use but please do the following first:

    • Sign on the signature panel at the back of the card
    • Check if your current PIN is working by performing a balance inquiry at your store of account's ATM; if the card was claimed for you by your authorized representative, we advise you to immediately perform a balance inquiry at the nearest EastWest ATM.

  15. Can I still use the old debit card?
    No, it will be deactivated once you use your new card. We recommend you dispose of your old card properly by cutting it or punching holes on it as soon as you have your new card.


  1. Where can I use my new EastWest Debit Card?
    You can use your card at:

    • Over 30 million Visa-affiliated establishments worldwide
    • Over 350,000 Visa-accepting online merchants
    • Over 2,000 BancNet-accredited establishments nationwide
    • More than 1.9 million ATMs in the Philippines and abroad
    You can also use it to:
    • Enroll in EastWest online banking using your debit card number
    • Accept remittance from other countries credited straight to your debit card deposit account using Visa Direct

  2. Will my debit card be accepted at shops and ATMs that are not yet EMV capable?
    Yes, as your new card still has a magnetic stripe.

  3. I heard about liability shift. What does it mean?
    Liability shift means that in a fraudulent transaction, the party which is not on EMV will be liable for the amount of the fraud. For example, if someone pays with a fraudulent EMV card at a merchant that is not set up with an EMV card reader, the merchant will be liable instead of the issuer bank.

    If, however, a counterfeit EMV card is used at EMV-capable establishments, the liability remains with the issuer bank. The great news is, when both the issuer bank and merchant are EMV capable, overall in-store counterfeit fraud is virtually eliminated.

  4. Will my signature be required to complete transactions?
    For non-EMV terminals, yes. For updated EMV terminals, no. Instead, you will be required to key in your PIN. Some EMV terminals though may still require your signature.

    For payWave terminals, no signature or PIN is required for transactions below P2,000. Purchases exceeding this amount will also be processed contactless, but you may be required to sign or key in your PIN.

  5. Can I use my new debit card to shop online?
    Yes, your card will be honored at any Visa-accepting online store. Your new EastWest Debit Card, however, has a new CVV number at the back and you need to re-register the new CVV number at online merchants that you frequently use for your online purchases to proceed.

  6. I have auto-debit arrangements with utility merchants and merchant apps. Do I need to re-enroll my new EastWest Debit Card?
    Yes. Although your new debit card has the same card number, the CVV number or the 3-digit security code on the back is different; thus, you need to re-enroll.

  7. Can I use my EastWest Debit Card in a shop with no payWave terminal?
    Yes. The cashier will simply swipe or dip your card to complete the transaction, then you must sign the transaction receipt or key in your PIN.

  8. How do I pay with my EastWest Debit Card at establishments that accept payWave?
    Once the cashier enters the purchase amount into the terminal, hold your card within 4 cm. of the secure contactless reader. Your transaction is confirmed when the green indicator lights up and you see a display message confirming that your transaction has been successful. You can choose to have a receipt, but this is optional.

  9. How much can I pay via payWave?
    payWave was designed for quicker transactions for small purchases less than P2,000. For purchases exceeding this amount, the transaction will also be contactless, but you may be required to sign or key in your PIN.

  10. Can I unknowingly make a purchase if I walk past the reader?
    No. Visa payWave was designed to ensure that cardholders are always in control. The cashier must have first entered the purchase amount for approval and your card must be held very close to the reader for the transaction to take place.

  11. What are the default limits for withdrawals and purchases?

    • ATM withdrawal limit per day: P50,000
    • ATM withdrawal limit per transaction: P20,000
    • POS Purchase limit per day: P50,000
    For your convenience, your EastWest Debit Card comes with a customizable withdrawal and purchase limits, currently set at P50,000/day. You can request the Sales Associate at your store of account to change your withdrawal and purchase limits. It can be the same amount for both, or different amounts, depending on your preference.


  1. Why is my EastWest Debit Card not accepted at other ATMs?
    As banks migrate to the more secure EMV technology, there may be instances when your EMV-compliant EastWest Debit Card might not be recognized at other banks' ATMs. This would be due to differences in the phasing of implementation and approach taken by other banks. To avoid inconvenience, please use any of EastWest's over 580 ATMs nationwide for your ATM transactions. Better yet, instead of withdrawing, use your EastWest Debit Card to pay for purchases at any merchant that accepts Visa.

  2. What should I do if my card gets lost or stolen?
    Immediately report the loss/theft of your EastWest Debit, Prepaid or Credit Card or any problem with your cards or accounts, including transactions you have not authorized, to our Customer Service: (02) 888-1700.


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