Enjoy higher rates when you set up a time deposit via EastWest Online

Pero TD Table 1

This offer is limited to our individual customers enrolled in EastWest Online – Personal (EWO-P) with available funds of Php1M to Php 10M.

     Source of Funds: Limited to Peso Current and Savings Account “solely-owned” by the EWO-P member.
     Proof of Deposit: System – generated confirmation of Time Deposit account. Upon confirmation, the online TD placement is viewable by clicking the View Fixed Term Deposits tab under Account Summary – Fixed Term Deposit category.

In case of pre-termination or termination of online Time Deposit, visit your Store-of-Account to fill-out and sign the Request From.

*Store-of-Account – is where the source Current or Savings account was opened.

Interest frequency for the following tenor are:

Pero TD Table 1