Personal Banking

Peso Time Deposit

Product Definition :

An interest-bearing term deposit evidenced by a Certificate of Time Deposit with 30- up to 360-day term. Interest rate is based on the amount and term of deposit.

Product Benefits :

Higher Interest Earning Potential. Assures clients of yields higher than Savings Account rates.

Guaranteed Yields. Assures client of interest earnings for as long as the deposit remains with the Bank within the agreed term.

Forced Savings. Clients would be "forced" to leave their funds with the Bank untouched for a particular period of time.

Standby credit facility. Deposits can be used as loan collateral. Loan term co-terminus with or earlier than the maturity of the collateral.

Insured with PDIC. Funds insured up to P 500,000.00

Product Features :
Minimum Initial Deposit: P 10,000.00
Term: 30 - 360 days
Interest Rate: Based on prevailing market rates
Withholding tax: 20.0%
DST: P1.00 for every P200 or a fraction thereof
(For terms equal to or greater than one year)
(For terms that are less than one year, OST is pro-rated)
Fund Access: Withdrawal Slip OTC
Transaction Record: Certificate of Deposit

Terms and Conditions