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Eastwest Core Businesses Register Double Digit Growth

EastWest Bank reported a Net Income of P1.6 Billion for the first nine months of 2014, with steady quarterly growth but lower by 5%...  more

High Potential Returns with The Eastwest Philequity Feeder Funds

EastWest Bank launches the EastWest Philequity Feeder Fund, a peso-denominated unit investment trust fund (UITF)...  more

Final Offering Circular of EWBC Unsecured Subordinated Notes

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Foreign Exchange

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Infinity Funds

PIB 1,801.1325 11-21
DIB 126.8329 11-21
MMF 1,231.0630 11-21
PLT 1,434.1198 11-21
DLT 0.0000 11-21